Our Legacy Short Sleeve Box Shirts

Our Legacy co-founder, Jockum Hallin, was the featured guest on the only podcast that matters, Failing Upwards, a few weeks back and I thought he was one of the most enjoyable people they’ve had on so far. The dude knows his shit, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and just sounds like he loves life. Probably why his clothing is so incredible. These Short Sleeve Box Shirts feature crazy patterns on supple fabrics and a boxy cut, which is really the only way you should be wearing a camp collar shirt. I feel like these shirts – which are now 40% off – create an even stronger bond between myself and my I-can-only-assume-we-would-be-forever-best-friends pal, Jockum.

For price and purchase info, visit East Dane.

  • probs

    I kind of want that net one for make it ho but fashion purposes.