Last Heavy Sexy Shirts

The last time I can recall truly feeling sexy was back in 2006 when I caught a glimpse of a picture someone had taken of me playing pick-up ball with my shirt off. It was Adonis-like. Everything was poppin’ like blickity-blaow. I do not have that body anymore so I have to rely on clothing to do the work for me, and Last Heavy’s Sexy Shirt can do that heavy lifting (pun intended). Besides literally having “sexy” in its name, the camp collar shirt is made in the USA out of a satin crepe that is extremely fancy yet versatile which, in my opinion, is the sexiest characteristic of them all. Gone are the days I can look at my own body and get horned up, but this shirt could do the trick, so enter code “TWISTED” at checkout to get a cool 50% off and get fake sexy like me.

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