Last Heavy Autumn/Winter 18 Collection

My friend, Caesy Oney, the man who brought us Draught Dry Goods, just launched a new line called Last Heavy, and it was picked up by Barney’s before a single piece even dropped – that’s how good it is. The Portland-designed, LA-made Autumn/Winter 18 Collection collection is comprised of basics like crewneck sweatshirts, chino pants, and fishtail parkas, all of which come in six colors, and have juuuust the right amount of flair thanks to some punked-up silhouettes and / or cool embroidered stitching. And you know I fuck with the “Dramatic” pieces because that’s, like, me. It’s very easy to support the homie when the inaugural collection is as amazing and well-priced as this one.

For price and purchase info, visit Last Heavy.