Lady White Co. Interlock Henleys

Being the inquisitive type, I couldn’t help but wonder why these are called “Interlock” Henleys (as opposed to just Henleys). Turns out, interlock is a kind of fabric that has a lightly ribbed texture on both the front and back. And if that totally useless piece of information doesn’t sell you on these Interlock Henleys from Lady White Co., maybe the all-LA-everything construction will, or the rich garment-dyed colors, or the corozo buttons, or the 50% off sale price at Superdenim. And if none of that does it for you, well then you’re on your own, Mr. Impossible To Please.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.

  • probs

    Lady White’s Clark t-shirt is my all-time fave t-shirt by far.