Lady Spent: LACAUSA

Ethically-made products for ethically-minded women.


Product(s): women’s apparel

Price: from $49

Eco / Ethical: made to last in Los Angeles; various non-profit partnerships

My love for jumpsuits is well documented at this point. Well, last week, a chic friend showed up for a beach play date in a perfectly simple black linen jumpsuit and I was equally impressed, because it was gorgeous, and irritated, because I don’t like when my friends know about brands that I don’t!

My irritation quickly gave way to excitement, however, once I landed on the LACAUSA website. The jumpsuit is just one of many beautiful things made by the brand, which, it turns out, is also very serious about social responsibility.

In addition to manufacturing in an ethically run factory in Los Angeles, LACAUSA also financially supports and promotes different environmental, human, and civil rights organizations and charities, from national groups like the ACLU and NRDC to local organizations like InnerCity Arts and the Downtown Women’s Center.

Also great: their price point. LACAUSA’s collection includes everything from intimates to t-shirts to casual rompers to silk dresses, and nothing is over $210.

Finding a new brand that ethically makes quality wardrobe staples and supports causes that are important to me is a huge win – even if it means swallowing a bit of my know-it-all pride.

Rita Mehta shops for a living and talks a lot. She launched her website, The American Edit, and podcast, Why Do We Have Things? so she’d have a place to talk about some of the things she’s most passionate about: American made design, responsible manufacturing, and conscious consumption. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.