Lady Spent: Ilana Kohn

Ethically-made products for ethically-minded women.

Brand: Ilana Kohn

Product(s): women’s apparel

Price: $147 – $368

Eco / Ethical: made to last in New York City

How many black jumpsuits are too many? That’s what I found myself asking when I first visited the Ilana Kohn website.

Ilana Kohn launched her collection in 2011, after a successful career as an illustrator (her clients included The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Kiehl’s, among others). The collection began as four basic silhouettes in classic colors, designed to act as a canvas for Ilana’s colorful illustrations. Over time, those four basic silhouettes began attracting fans and clients from all over the world, ultimately leading Kohn to develop a full collection.

Often times, when brands expand their product offerings, it seems like they lose focus, but in Kohn’s case, the new styles are perfect compliments to the old ones. Everything just seems to make sense together – and you could happily dress yourself head-to-toe in it.

Ilana Kohn is designed and produced in New York City, with an emphasis on sustainability. The materials are simple – cotton canvas, corduroy, denim, washed silk, etc. – but of impeccable quality, and the fit is tailored but also forgiving. I wear my jumpsuit multiple times a week and couldn’t be happier with it. And, PS, the answer to my question at the beginning of the post is no, there is no such thing as too many black jumpsuits – as long as they’re from Ilana Kohn!

Rita Mehta shops for a living and talks a lot. She launched her website, The American Edit, and podcast, Why Do We Have Things? so she’d have a place to talk about some of the things she’s most passionate about: American made design, responsible manufacturing, and conscious consumption. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.