LA Cracking down on Property Value Ruining Supreme Hypebeasts

Supreme might have macro money behind it these days, but that doesn’t seem to be shielding it from micro problems, at least in Los Angeles’ Fairfax neighborhood. According to the Los Angeles Times, the sardine-like, days-long lineups that Supreme drops incite are no more, following the outcry of neighboring tenants and property owners.

Led by none other than Julie Newmar — who played Catwoman on the original Batman TV show — the coalition of neighbors had been “pushing back for months,” the story said, in an effort to end what Newmar called a “cancer” to the neighborhood.

“I have a tenant who had to close, another who hasn’t been able to pay the rent for three months,” she told the paper. “I’m not against anyone, but you can’t destroy this wonderful neighborhood called Fairfax.”

The owner of a coffee shop nearby said he that he’s had to deal with “fisticuffs, piles of trash, the commandeering of sidewalks and parking spaces, as well as other mayhem.”

Last Monday, those neighbors got a small win. The legendary line-ups were officially replaced with a single-day signup that happens on Mondays, and then calls will be made to those who put their names in on Thursdays, when it’s their turn to shop. And, most importantly to tenants, the new system also bans those who camp out from shopping.

As the story reports, Supreme customers seem to be happy with the resolution, and most of the neighbors do too. But it’s also worth noting that Supreme is now so fucking civilized that they use iPads and a restaurant-like reservation system in order to be mindful of neighbors.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s a far cry from the if-a-middle-finger-was-a-clothing-brand that it once was. Then again, a $500 million investment can probably soften some edges.

You can read more about it at The Los Angeles Times.

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  • BrotherVoodoo

    I don’t know what the big deal with sign up lists are. Its not like waiting in line for a logo hoody is anymore counter culture than signing up on an iPad.

  • Bad Hat Harry

    Japan ruined streetwear.