L.L.Bean Facing Boycotts over Heiress’ Trump Donations

L.L. Bean is facing a boycott after it was discovered that L.L.Bean board member, and granddaughter of founder Leon Leonwood Bean, Linda Bean, donated $60,000 to a pro-Trump PAC.

According to a letter from the Federal Election Commission, the donation – which was spent on signs, Facebook and radio advertisements, and 30-second TV ads in support of Trump – far exceeded the individual donor cap of $5,000.

After the FEC’s letter was made public, L.L.Bean was added to the “Consider Boycotting” section of the spreadsheet of Trump-friendly companies circulated on social media by the #GrabYourWallet movement.

L.L.Bean board chairman, Shawn Gorman, responded with an open letter on the company’s Facebook page. “We were disappointed to learn that Grab Your Wallet is advocating a boycott against L.L.Bean solely because Linda Bean, who is only one of 50+ family members involved with the business, personally supported Donald Trump for President,” he wrote. “As with most families of this size, the views of L.L.’s family members cover nearly the entire political spectrum. And as every member of this very large family would agree, no single person represents the values of the company that L.L. built.”

#GrabYourWallet founder, Shannon Coulter, responded to L.L.Bean via Twitter, writing, “Instead of carefully crafted PR statements, maybe your energy better spent looking at whether Linda’s support of divisive figures & groups… is worth the inevitable damage to your brand & bottom line such activities will have. In the meantime, I’ll shop elsewhere.”

You can read more about the L.L.Bean boycott at The Boston Globe and Esquire.

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  • BrotherVoodoo

    I’m very conflicted on these boycots as I voiced when the New Balance quote went Thermo-Nuclear.

    On the one hand I can see that people are not a fan of Trump. Hell I didn’t vote for him either. However, if they piss off Democrats they are potentially alienating 40% of the voting population. And if they piss off Republicans they are alienating approximately 40% of the voting population. Its really a no win scenario for any of these companies to do anything other than be as unpolitical as possible. Jumping on a CEO or a Company every time one potentially out of context quote is made just further drives actual discussion and nuance underground and sows anger and divisiveness.

    This woman has money, she’s allowed to spend it, and yes people have the choice not to shop there. But when does it end. Does everything the company’s I shop at have to align with all of my values? I’m sure there are conflicts everywhere. You’d never by anything if you stopped buying things from any company that had just 1! person who donated to a political cause you don’t like.

    Moreover hurting a company filled with people who are most likely middle class isn’t really teaching Linda Bean a lesson. She’s got enough money not to give a fuck.

  • Rita – The American Edit

    I’m vehemently against the president-elect, but I feel strongly that if one is going to boycott L.L. Bean, one also needs to be boycotting Facebook and Instagram and every company Peter Thiel is associated with… because Peter Thiel did far more to support Trump than Linda Bean. New Balance was a different situation, because the CEO spoke on behalf of the company at precisely the wrong time… Linda Bean acted as an individual, not on behalf of L.L.Bean the company, and L.L. Bean should not be punished for her (perfectly legal, though, gross) actions.