Kiriko Vintage Kendo Jackets

Heads-up: Kiriko just got in some more of those super cool Vintage Kendo Jackets. But, just like every other time they’ve re-upped their supply, these are sure to get gone right quick. So, if you missed out the last few times, and you still want one of these heavyweight, indigo-dyed sashiko beauties on your back – and why the hell wouldn’t you? – here’s your chance to make that happen (but the clock is ticking…).

For price and purchase info, visit Kiriko.

  • Buffalo Dandy

    These are so, so dope. But I feel like Kiriko charges way too much them. Not
    to blow up their spot, but if you search “vintage indigo kimono” on
    ebay, you’ll find where they get theirs from. Just got mine for $25 vs.
    $200. Just saying. Respect the hustle though.

    • It’s been hit or miss with me on ebay. The measurements are rarely right and not being able to return the item means it’s money down the drain. Not to mention the variable length trip from Japan to the States. If you can get it there at a reasonable rate that’s awesome.

      You aint really blowing up their spot. People that like their stuff buy at their price. You’re just giving peeps options, imho.

    • Do you rock them as is or customize? I’m thinking of doing something now that my oldest one is faded nicely.