A Kind of Guise Padang Shorts

My wife is going to Florida for work, and since my son is out of school, she decided to take him and her mother on a little impromptu trip without me. So what will I do to keep from succumbing to overwhelming loneliness? I’m gonna buy some new Short Shorts™, baby! A Kind of Guise’ Padang Shorts are handmade in Germany out of 100% cotton German and Italian fabrics. And there’s a “washed rose” color that is screaming my name loud enough to cover the almost deafening sound of isolation. *Extreme Jessie Spano voice* I’M SO EXCITED. I’M SOO EXCIIITED. I’M SO…scared I won’t have these $146 shorts in time to mask the pain.

For price and purchase info, visit A Kind of Guise.