A Kind of Guise Kohaku Cardigans

Buttons. So over them. Not only do they pop off sometimes, they can break up the clean look of a top by being all, you know, button-y and shit. ESPECIALLY on cardigans, which is why A Kind of Guise’s Kohaku Cardigan is the move. The kimono-cardi hybrid is made in Germany from Italian wool with a spicy tartan pattern, and it has two patch pockets and a waist tie instead of buttons, which makes it 10x more sensual. That’s just science – I can’t make this shit up, man. And it will only run you $220, which is a small price to pay for all that sensuality.

For price and purchase info, visit Centreville.

  • probs

    Can’t argue with the sensuality-math.

    Kohaku is also the name of a far-future cavewoman warrior in a manga I read, so there’s that, too.