Kestin Hare Corduroy Shop Coats

I 100% could envision this Kestin Hare Corduroy Shop Coat being worn by the late (???) great, Walter White. Can’t you imagine an uber-stylish version of Heisenberg cookin’ up meth (not good) while sporting this UK-made, thin-waled British corduroy, relaxed fit, patch-pocketed coat (very good)? Not Jesse, because he just overall lacked the swag to pull it off, even though we love him and hope he’s somewhere safe. One of you online outlets with deep pockets can hire me to write a more fashion-forward version of Breaking Bad, in which I’ll feature a different color of this $374 jacket in every episode.

For price and purchase info, visit Kestin Hare.

  • Eli

    $374 for an unstructured cotton shop coat is mid-range? Maybe if you’re on that sweet Madrigal Electromotive payroll.