Kapital Fastcolor Selvedge Bandanas

As a Cool Dad™, you shouldn’t wear clothing with profanity on it (although, you can still totally curse in front of your kids – I mean, they’re gonna hear it at some point, so why not from mom and dad?) That said, I’ll cheat the system a bit with one of these dope Kapital Fastcolor Selvedge Bandanas. Made in Japan out of selvedge cotton fabric, some of them *giggles and drops voice to a whisper* say “fucking” on them. They have other less curse-y ones too, but those aren’t as fun. Pick ’em up for $45 CAD / $33 USD from Blue Button Shop. I’m getting the “MOTHER FUCKING PISSED OFF” one to wave at co-workers when I’m on client calls.

For price and purchase info, visit Blue Button Shop.