Jungmaven Tie Dye Baja Tees

I am a hippie at heart. But I keep it hidden like a Trump sex scandal pay-off so that I can remain a productive and gainfully employed member of society. That said, I will never deny my want for tie-dye shit. Jungmaven’s Tie Dye Baja Tees are made in the US out of a hemp / organic cotton blend and hand-dyed in a fairly tame pattern that will keep my inner granola under the radar. My coworkers will never suspect how close I am at any given moment to getting butt-ass naked and rolling around in the grass in an act of rebellion against The Man. One thing I will NOT rebel against, however, is Superdenim putting these jonits on sale for $65. Peace and love, bitches.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.

  • probs

    I officially motion to have “jonits” be a new term a la jawns