Joe McCoy Two Pack Tees

No offense to the good folks at Superdenim, but their product description for these Joe McCoy Two Pack Tees reads like a term paper by a college freshman who didn’t read the book. “Packaged T-Shirts with its signature American look existed as early as the late 1940s…The American spirit of rationalism and the country’s status as an advertisement juggernaut were surely responsible for the birth of this idea…The design of the disposable bags plays role in the purchasing decision, something which may seem paradoxical given that the tees are concealed inside, but this form of packaging has now become global standard.” Can’t you just picture that in size 16 font and triple-spaced? Anyway, the shirts are designed in Japan and tube-knit in the USA, come in two colors, and cost $90 a pack.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.