Jenna Lyons is Plotting Her Comeback

After nearly 18 months out of the public eye, Jenna Lyons — the style maven and former executive creative director and president of J. Crew — has announced a new multimedia/e-comm venture with Turner Broadcasting.

As reported by Vogue, the yet-unnamed project is headlined by “a weekly unscripted television series that will bring together fashion, home, and lifestyle,” and it also reportedly features a companion e-comm site to let viewers buy into whatever she’s talking about in a given episode.

And because it’s 2018, the project also reportedly has digital content and social media verticals, along with a direct-to-consumer program.

It’s an audacious, yet timely, undertaking, according to Vogue. As they noted, the venture is a “sweep of every platform around which our lives now revolve… [as] fashion and entertainment have become so intertwined with each other in today’s sprawling and immersive culture.”

“There’s something about this that is connected, real, fun,” Lyons told the magazine about getting started. “I am terrified, but that’s a good thing; being in unfamiliar territory feels welcome.”

As far as tone is concerned, Lyons seems to be leaning into one of inclusivity, positivity and authority, with a garnish of the requisite “I’m just a normal person lol” vibes for good measure.

Was the world clamoring for another monetized glimpse into the life a well-known personality (shoutout GOOP and whatever The Preserve is now)? Probably not, but this one is being helmed by an actual industry veteran, so who knows.

You can read more about it at Vogue.

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  • Such a cynical project. It’s gonna do well if it’s done right.