Jamieson’s of Shetland Crew Knits

Shetland. Lol. Sounds a little bit like “Shitland,” right? Like, “my sweater was made of the finest wool in Shitland.” LMAO. Oh man, why do you guys still allow me to write stuff and have access to nice things? Nonetheless, Jamieson’s of SHETland comes through with another batch of beautiful, 100% pure wool crewneck sweaters. Which, again, are made in Shetland and not Shitland. They are perfectly lightweight for this transitional weather, and come in a few Fair Isle patterns and a multitude of colors. I’m pretty fond of the Blossom and Natural White colors, but you really can’t go wrong with any or all of them, since prices start at only $109 a pop. I shit you not.

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.