JAK Royal Sneakers

Any of you guys ever taken the time to read Huckberry’s brand descriptions? The writing quality is just, like, lightyears above the crap we crank out here. Case in point, here’s what they wrote about the new Portuguese minimalist sneaker brand, JAK:

“In many ways, crafting a high quality product is an exercise in what’s left out as much as what goes in, and the best pieces are not only the result of innovation but of ruthless editing. Judging by the look and feel of their luxuriously minimal sneakers, it’s clear Lisbon-based newcomers JAK have done their time in the editing room… Handcrafted in Northern Portugal in small family-owned factories that source their material locally, each pair of JAK’s sneakers is realized with the most premium ingredients, from the full grain leather upper to the plain stitched cup sole to the smooth calfskin interior that hugs your ankles as you slip them on.”

I mean, that shit just sparkles. Way to put us to shame, Huckberry. And way to offer some great looking kicks at an even greater price (only $120 a pop – say what!). Four colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Huckberry.