Is Ivanka Trying to Relaunch Her Brand in China?

According to the Daily Beast, the Ivanka Trump brand recently had multiple trademarks approved in China, paving the way for a possible comeback – that absolutely no one asked for.

“Chinese officials have approved five trademarks Trump first filed in 2016 and 2017,” the story said, covering things like wedding dresses, sunglasses, brokerage and charitable fundraising, art valuation and — because these people are what happens when mold becomes sentient — childcare centers.

As the story mentioned, “the timing of this approval is certainly suspect, considering President Trump’s ongoing trade negotiations with China,” and the AP (rightfully) noted that “Chinese officials could leverage Ivanka’s new trademarks against the US in future deals.”

Though the approvals don’t mean that production is imminent — her reps have “previously stated the trademarks were filed preemptively to deter copycats from using Trump’s name,” though trusting her camp is like trusting a dingo with a baby — holding the trademark “ensures her two options,” that she can “produce and sell her goods in China, or only manufacture clothing there for U.S. export.”

For those out there wondering if she still has an audience, the story reported that “she’s quite popular in China” and is “seen as an independent woman,” even if, as one expert said, “[her] brand was never what anyone stylish would call fashion.”

(In 2017, an NBC report even found that “there are numerous [Chinese] fan pages for “Goddess Ivanka,” who is viewed as chic, elegant, and diplomatic,” by people who presumably don’t know what those words actually mean.)

“Whether or not Trump can leverage her image into another brand is yet to be seen,” the story said. But “until then, we’ll always have [heavily] discounted Macy’s dresses.”

You can read more about it at The Daily Beast.

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  • S.O. Crane

    The shade in the last line is heavy!