Instead of Rent: August, 2018

The moderately and (very) immoderately priced goods that I’d rather spend it on this month.

Hender Scheme Nylon Jet Cap
100% nylon crown
Vegetable-tanned leather strap
Made in Japan
$175.00 $105.00 at End Clothing

Dom Vetro M01 Sunglasses
Italian acetate frames
Mineral glass lenses
Made in USA
$295.00 at Dom Vetro

No Nonsense Cushion Crew Socks
80% cotton / 18% nylon / 1% polyester / 1% spandex
Made in USA
3 pairs for $6.29 at Amazon

Jungmaven Moonshadow Tee
100% hemp
Hand-dyed using colorants made from “plant matter, botanicals, natural extracts, spices and foraged materials”
No two are alike
Made in USA
$160.00 at Jungmaven

BOA USA 3″ Half Split Trainer Shorts
100% micro polyester outer
100% polyester liner
Made in USA
$29.95 at Running Warehouse

Parrott Canvas Sanibel Island Tote
18 oz., 100% cotton duck canvas
Made in USA
$15.88 at Parrott Canvas

Veja V-10 Sneakers
Vegetable-tanned leather uppers
Recycled cotton and polyurethane insole
Wild Amazonian rubber outsole
Fair Trade made in Brazil
$150.00 at East Dane

  • probs

    Y’all are really just trolling us at this point with the “what if apathetic college student but $$$$” looks. This is a Logan Paul fit that costs $762.12 . This outfit gave me a hangover, insisted we go to brunch, and then tipped 10% on its share, forcing me to make up for it on my own bill. This outfit thinks that the consent training given by its RA the first week of freshman year was “a bit much.” I wore this fit and then the Animal House COLLEGE sweatshirt poster appeared on my wall, along with a Van Gogh print to show the ladies I’m sensitive. I heard to summon this outfit you just have soak trust fund paperwork in Popov, draw a pentagram in mid, and queue up 666 Fortnite Twitch streams to play simultaneously. Etc. etc.

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      • Ha. The thought crossed my mind. I hope @disqus_nXODA48JZA:disqus has a copy of the above in his freelance portfolio.