Inspiration is Where You Find It: The Goonies

It’s been almost two decades since The Goonies first refused to say “die,” but their declaration of immortality still rings clear today. That ragtag lot of adventurous kids seems to become more and more beloved as the years go on, but that’s not just mere nostalgia. The Goonies plainly is one of the most enjoyable films of all time, epitomizing the madcap adventure genre that Steven Spielberg, Christopher Columbus, and their counterparts popularized throughout the 1980s. Aside from being straight up fun, The Goonies also stands as a prime example of ’80s style at its best. As they journey in and under suburban Oregon in search of buried treasure, the eight Goonies are outfitted head to toe in some of the era’s finest Northwestern wares. Nike Blazers, Aloha shirts, rain slickers, moto-jackets, patched militaria, zip-up hoodies, and of course watch caps. The Goonies costumes are a Williamsburg vintage store come to life, without a lick of irony. These kids wore their clothes well, and wore it hard, and that’s why they remain some of the most stylish preteen misfits to ever grace the silver screen.







A Goonies inspired outfit:


Bluer Denim Jeans and Jean Jacket
Artex Knitting Mills Watch Cap
Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat
New Balance 998 Sneakers
Archival Clothing Sweatshirt

Jake Gallagher is a New York City based writer with a penchant for backstories and the more pedantic side of men’s style. He has written for A Continuous Lean, GQ, and Esquire. You can follow him on Twitter here, and Instagram here.

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