Inspiration is Where You Find It: Paul Feig

If Judd Apatow is modern comedy’s frontman, than Paul Feig is its bassist. He’s steady and consistent, but always seems to know exactly when to step into the limelight for maximum effect. Throughout the ’90s, Feig was a “that guy” actor, someone you’d recognize in films or TV shows, such as Heavyweights and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, without ever knowing his name. However, it wasn’t until later in the decade that Feig’s career really took of, when he moved behind the lens, and created the beloved cult show Freaks & Geeks. Since then, Feig has gone on to direct movies such as Bridesmaids and The Heat, as well as episodes of Arrested Development, The Office, and even Mad Men and Nurse Jackie. What’s unique about Feig is that for a man who remains primarily behind the scenes, he’s far better dressed than most of the actors he directs. James Franco, Seth Rogen, hell even Jon Hamm, all look unkempt when stacked up next to Feig’s array of three piece suits and polka dotted ties. Whereas most “well-dressed” celebrities just look like Ken dolls that have been styled by someone else, Feig’s penchant for pinstripes, peak lapels, and even bowler hats (side bar: is Paul Feig the only modern man that can wear a bowler hat successfully?) prove that he is the real deal. There are few men that appear as comfortable in a suit as Feig does, and his trademark smirk is the perfect complement to his fluffed out pocket squares and dark-rimmed glasses. Feig is a throwback to a bygone era when silly men dressed serious, and their work was all the better for it. Now if only Feig could direct his stars to dress as well as he does.








A Feig inspired outfit:


Epaulet Caine Sportcoat and Walt Trousers
Kamakura Tokyo Slim Fit Spread Collar Shirt
Bigi Cravatte Milano Woven Silk Tie
Sid Mashburn Pocket Square
Marcoliani Light Cashmere Dress Socks
Alden Plain Toe Bal Calfskin Plaza Last Shoes

Jake Gallagher is a New York City based writer with a penchant for backstories and the more pedantic side of men’s style. He has written for A Continuous Lean, GQ, and Esquire. You can follow him on Twitter here, and Instagram here.

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