Inspiration is Where You Find It: Jim Henson

To say that Jim Henson was just a puppeteer would be a colossal understatement. While Henson developed a veritable army of stuffed characters across his five year career, what he truly created, beyond the slew of television programs and personalities, was joy. Few, if any people, have ever spurred more unfettered bliss in their audience than Mr. Henson. From Sesame Street to Saturday Night Live, Henson was a true master of his craft, designing, animating and voicing characters of all shapes and sizes. His relentless imagination gave birth to some of the most beloved fuzzy figures to ever make their way onto the screen. As one might expect, Henson was a character in his own right, with an unmistakable beard and an unflappable sense of style that reflected his status as one of the most offbeat men in show business. From his chunky cable knit rollnecks, to his striped sport coats and knits (which looked like they were straight out of Bert & Ernie’s closet), to his more classically traddy tailored pieces, Henson’s style was as varied yet personal as his characters.

A Henson inspired outfit:

Aran Crafts Merino Turtleneck Sweater
Sole Survivor Lanark III Jean Belt
New Balance 990 Sneakers
CHUP Have Socks
Burgus Plus Tight Straight Corduroy Pants

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  • Ceris

    I think you mean five decade career-not five year.

  • Bryce