Inspiration is Where You Find It: George Harrison

Nearly half a century after they performed together for the last time, the legend of The Beatles continues to grow, elevating those four mop-topped chaps from Liverpool from mere musicians to immortals. By the numbers, The Beatles’ career isn’t all that phenomenal – they only released thirteen albums over ten short years. But, their attitudes and respective personas continue to captivate, generation after generation, year after year. John was the irreverent artist, Paul was the heartthrob, Ringo was the mysterious backbone, and George was, well, George was a little harder to pin down. Though he shared traits with his three bandmates, Harrison was, in our opinion, the most stylish and aesthetically intriguing of all of them. Particularly at the end of group, and onward into his solo career, Harrison’s style was somehow both eccentric and clean, referencing the group’s early tailored rigs, and later wild looks. He wore denim shirts with corduroy sport coats, paisley prints that look straight out of Engineered Garments latest collection, and had hair long enough to make Farrah Fawcett blush. No Beatle could experiment, be it with music or with outfits, as well as Harrison could, and that’s why, to us, he remains the most fascinating and inspiring member of the Fab Four.








A Harrison inspired outfit:

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