Inspiration is Where You Find It: Gary Oldman

For an actor who got his big break playing Sid Vicious, Gary Oldman’s career has been admirably disciplined. Unlike Vicious, who fizzled out almost as quickly as he gained notoriety, Oldman has been playing the long gain, amassing an impressive record of roles over his thirty-five year career. In that time, he’s played everyone from Sirius Black, to George Smiley, to Lee Harvey Oswald, with a memorable turn as Count Dracula tossed in for good measure. And yet, it’s away from the camera that Oldman steps into one of his most interesting roles: a paragon of British refinement and classic Hollywood panache. In many ways, Oldman is a throwback to the days when actors quietly racked up credits and avoided the tabloids, and often times his style reflects this – the man can don a perfectly cut tux and worn-in topcoat with aplomb. But, he also knows how to effectively add some personality to his wardrobe, without looking like a desperate ham. It’s the translucent frames, the occasional animal printed scarf, and the indigo safari jackets that separate Oldman and demonstrate his range on and off screen.







An Oldman inspired outfit:


Anglo American AA402 Eyeglasses
Engineered Garments Baker Jacket
Rogue Territory Desert Wash SK Jeans
Kamakura Tokyo Slim Fit Button-Down Oxford Shirt
The Hill-Side Linen Indigo Discharge Leaf Print Scarf
Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boots

Jake Gallagher is a New York City based writer with a penchant for backstories and the more pedantic side of men’s style. He has written for A Continuous Lean, GQ, and Esquire, and when he’s not spouting about some obscure Japanese brand, he can be found eating green grapes, or drinking an East Coast IPA. Follow him on Twitter here and Instagram here.