Howlin’ by Morrison Scarves

Usually, scarves are the redheaded stepchild of my closet. I almost never wear them. And not because I don’t like them, I just plum forget I have them. But I don’t think that’d be the case if I had one of these beauts from Howlin’ by Morrison. They come in a buttload of big, bold patterns, ranging from tartan plaid, to fair isle, to polka dot, and are made in Scotland from the fluffiest and coziest of wools. That’s some of the best wool in the world literally protecting your neck. That redheaded stepchild just became my Jessica Rabbit. Va-va-VOOM. Try and choose just one from Howlin’s end of season sale, and you may end up with a few.






For price and purchase info, visit Howlin’ by Morrison.

  • Definitely worth it, rarely wore any of my scarves until I finally got one of these. Now I never forget it on my way out the door.


    I got one from Unionmade a few years ago. Pilled up a little, but still is soft as Hell.

  • Max von Hippel

    I bought the blue panda one and it is fantastically warm. Also I live in Alaska but go to college in New Hampshire, so I think when I say “fantastically warm” it can carry a bit of weight 🙂