House of St. Clair Plant Double Knee Pants

I need a good looking pair of pants with extra knee protection, because when I go down on my knees, I’m down there FOR A WHILE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. House of St. Clair’s Plant Double Knee Pants are made in the US out of sturdy Japanese cotton twill that’s doubled-up over the knee for extra reinforcement. So now I know that nobody – and I mean NOBODY – can get down on their knees and clean out the bottom cupboards like I do because them shits get filthy REALLY easily, so you really gotta put the work in to tidy ’em up, you know? Sometimes you even have to use a vacuum it gets so dusty, so I’m going to pick these up on sale for $135 and get to sucking hard on my knees.

For price and purchase info, visit House of St. Clair.

  • probs

    We were all so worried about low rise jeans and JNCOs coming back, we never anticipated that carpenter pants would sneak up on us.