House of St. Clair Atlas Trousers

I have yet to meet a majority of my clients at my new agency. I know they know what I look like and that I’m fashion, but I don’t think they truly get how ’bout it ’bout it I am. So, when I’m heading up a planning meeting at my client’s headquarters in a few weeks, I will undoubtedly be wearing a pair of these House of St. Clair Atlas Trousers to make sure they fully understand. I’ll explain that, even though they are getting blasted in the face with a paisley print that’ll make their great grandmother’s cream, the pants are made in the US out of a Japanese cotton fabric that I’d recommend to anyone. They even have a regular twill version, if you’re too pussy for the paisley. If they can’t accept me at my in-person $265 paisley print pantalones, they don’t deserve me at my sexy conference call voice.

For price and purchase info, visit House of St. Clair.