House of St. Clair 107 Pants

I know that House of St. Clair’s 107 Pants are called that because 107 was the official designation of the US Army Pants these are based off of. However, 107 was also my dorm room number my freshman year and, let me tell you, that dorm was very good to me IF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING (if you are my wife and you’re reading this, it is NOT what you think. If you are not my wife and you’re reading this, it IS.) So, I can only assume that these US-made, yarn-dyed Japanese Herringbone Twill trou with their big ol’ front patch pockets will be as bountiful as said dorm. And now they are 60% off, which pretty much sums up my pant situation my freshman year.

For price and purchase info, visit House of St. Clair.

  • fudk

    I too sleep without my pants on Nick.