H&M Factory in Myanmar Destroyed by Workers

The production line of a Chinese-owned, Myanmar-based factory that produces clothing exclusively for H&M was destroyed by workers, in the culmination of a months-long labor dispute.

The dispute, which began in late January when workers went on strike in response to the termination of a local labor union leader, ended late last month as hundreds of workers stormed the factory, physically assaulting managers and damaging property, including textile machinery, computers and surveillance cameras, ultimately causing the factory to shut down.

In addition to protesting the firing of the union leader, the workers also demanded a better performance review system, including overtime benefits, and healthcare coverage.

Officials from the Chinese embassy in Myanmar described the incident as an “attack,” and have filed a “serious request” with the government to hold those involved accountable. H&M released a statement saying they are “deeply concerned” about the conflict, and that their relationship with the factory is on hold.

You can read more about it at Reuters.

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