High / Low, Vol. 6

One outfit, two price-points, everything responsibly made.


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Strike Gold Heavy Loopwheeled Sweatshirt
100% cotton loopwheeled terry from Japan
4-needle flatlock seams
Made in Japan

John Elliott + Co. Classic Crew Tee
50% supima cotton / 50% micro modal
Made in USA

Wings + Horns Cinched Westpoint Chinos
100% cotton twill
Elastic cuffs
Made in Canada
$250.00 (PRE-SHIPPING)

Common Projects Achilles Low Sneakers
Italian leather upper
Rubber outsole
Leather lining and insole
Made in Italy
$280.00 (PRE-SHIPPING)

The Real McCoy’s Lot 004 Denim Jacket
14.25 oz., 100% cotton Real McCoy’s Original XH selvedge denim
Made in Japan
$346.00 (PRE-SHIPPING)

HeadPorter Black Beauty Tote Bag
50D hi-density nylon taffeta PVC body
Made in Japan
$161.00 (PRE-SHIPPING)


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Taylor Stitch French Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt
100% cotton French terry from Canada
Overlocked seams
Made in USA

Buck Mason Natural Crew Pima Tee
100% cotton
Made in USA

Muttonhead Baseball Pants
100% cotton twill
Elastic cuffs
Made in Canada

Veja Indigenos Low Top Sneakers
Naturally tanned leather uppers
Amazonian Rubber Sole
Organic cotton lining and laces
Fair Trade made in Brazil
$112.00 (PRE-SHIPPING)

Lawless Type III Denim Jacket
14 oz., 100% cotton Kaihara Mills selvedge denim
Made in USA
$135.00 (PRE-SHIPPING)

Drifter Large Pack Tote
1.9 oz parachute rip-stop nylon
Made in USA

  • Watcho

    Dude’s been married only 6 months and he’s already running errands in sweatpants. Don’t let yourself go, bro. You gotta keep trying even after you pack it in. It doesn’t matter if you spent $1300 getting dressed to go to the post office.

    • Dude, they’re chinos. Cotton TWILL.

      Don’t make me tell the Muttonhead ladies you called their chinos sweats, because they will come after you.

      • Watcho

        Cotton TWILL sweatpants are still sweatpants, man. Frankly I’m surprised they’re not pre-distressed too.

    • Kirk

      I feel like once someone invents drop crotch sweatpants with cargo pockets and sells them for $200, #menswear will finally be actualized.

  • Daniel

    I wouldn’t call $28 for a plain white tee “low”

  • Kat

    Please don’t support Drifter. I emailed the owner Tony Nguyen about exchanging my unused waist pack for the large tote. He agrees, I ship it out and he sends me another waist pack in a different color. I confirmed 3 different times in the email that I was sending in a waist pack for the large tote. He then attempts to cover for his error by claiming he only exchanges bags for identical bags despite the bag I shipped in being worth a few dollars more than the bag I sent in for and already acknowledging the exchange agreement prior. He then claims if I want the bag he already agreed to that I’d have to ship what he sent me again out of pocket and cover his shipping costs too. I’ve never dealt with a pettier person at such a high level.