High / Low, Vol. 10

One outfit, two price-points, everything responsibly made.



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Naked & Famous Circular Knit T-Shirt
50% cotton / 50% poly
Tube-knit (no side seams)
Made in Canada

Chimala Selvedge Chambray Work Shirt
100% cotton chambray
Woven, cut and sewn in Japan
$410.00 $246.00

Incotex Tapered Garment Dyed Chinos
98% cotton / 2% elastane
Garment-dyed and enzyme washed
Woven, cut and sewn in Italy

Svensson Classic Low Sneakers
Italian leather upper
Margom rubber sole
Made in Italy

Steven Alan Sail Lined Tote Bag
100% cotton canvas exterior
80% PVC / 20% polyester interior
Made in USA



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Anvil US779 T-Shirt
90% cotton / 10% poly
Tube-knit (no side seams)
Made in USA

Our Legacy 2 Pocket Shirt
55% hemp / 45% organic cotton denim
Woven in Japan, cut and sewn in Portugal
$175.00 $89.00

Norse Projects Aros Slim Light Twill Chinos
98% cotton / 2% Elastane
Over-dyed and enzyme washed
Woven in Italy, cut and sewn in the EU

Gustin Low Top Sneakers
Italian leather upper
Margom rubber sole
Made in Italy

Parrott Canvas Zip Top Barrier Island Tote
18 oz., 100% cotton duck
Made in USA

  • Watcho

    Teams have been working night and day to get to the point where Norse Projects are on the “low” end. Great work, people. It’s Miller time.

  • Mr. S

    I question whether Norse Projects is an appropriate company to promote on WellSpent. Most websites (like here) say their products are “made in the EU.” Other websites specify that the products are actually made in Romania. I am not an expert on labor conditions in Romania. There is some reason to question whether general conditions in Romania would meet the ethical standards of WellSpent. See, for example, the minor scandal in 2011 caused when it was revealed that Kate Middleton’s dress was made by poorly-paid factory workers in Romania. I am definitely concerned about the attempt to hide the actual origin of a product by using vague geographic label like the “EU.” For me, if a product is made in a place with a spotty record on protecting worker rights, I require additional assurances — for example, independent auditing, direct ownership of production facilities — that the product was made ethically. But the first step is transparency about where the thing was made in the first place.
    On a more positive note: I can totally see myself hitting the farmers’ market with that tote.

    • BabalooMandel

      I wouldn’t be concerned about Romanian-made products. Romania is an industrialized highly developed nation. It’s not Bangladesh or something. Apparently that factory in Romania was an outlier, paying its workers far less than the average for clothing manufacturers in the country.

  • BabalooMandel

    Well I can afford the $4 t-shirt, that’s it.