High / Low, Vol. 1

One outfit, two price-points, everything responsibly made.



(click image to enlarge)

Gitman Vintage Overdyed Oxford
100% cotton oxford cloth
Chalk buttons
Button down collar with back button, single chest pocket, rear box pleat and locker loop
Made in Ashland, PA
$165.00 (SHIPPED)

Zimmerli Classic Cotton Boxer Briefs
100% cotton
Elasticated waist
Made in Switzerland
$85.00 (SHIPPED)

Unis Gio Chinos
Italian cotton twill
Interior waist curtain, Corozo button fly and button tab closure
Made in USA
$208.00 (SHIPPED)

Common Projects Original Achilles Low Tops
Italian leather upper
Rubber outsole
Leather lining and insole
Made in Italy
$370.95 (SHIPPED)

Shauns Lewis Sunglasses
Italian cellulose acetate frames
Carl Zeiss lenses
Metal capped temples
Made in Italy
$260.00 (SHIPPED)

Joshu+Vela Zip Backpack
18 oz., 100% cotton duck canvas body
Domestically-sourced natural leather straps and bottom
Solid brass hardware
Copper rivets at key stress points
Made in USA
$330.00 (SHIPPED)

Cause & Effect Copper Bar Cuff
Hammered copper
Handmade in USA
$56.95 (SHIPPED)



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Stock Mfg Co. Buttondown
100% cotton fabric from Japan
Faux tortoise buttons
Button down collar with back button, single chest pocket, rear box pleat
Made in Chicago, IL
$88.00 (SHIPPED)

bgreen apparel CE Trunks
95% organic cotton / 5% spandex
Fabric covered waistband
Flat-lock stitching
Made in USA
$24.50 (SHIPPED)

IOU Project Chinos
Italian cotton twill
Handloomed Indian madras pocket bags
Made in Italy
$114.00 (SHIPPED)

Veja Indigenos Low Tops
Naturally tanned leather uppers
Amazonian Rubber Sole
Organic cotton lining and laces
Fair Trade made in Brazil

Custom Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses
Plastic frames
Plastic lenses
Made in USA
$120.00 (SHIPPED)

Archival Clothing Day Pack
18 oz., 100% cotton duck canvas body
Domestically-sourced mil-grade cotton webbing straps
Solid brass hardware
Horween Chromexcel leather accents
Made in USA
$165.00 (SHIPPED)

Jewelry By Galadryl Copper Cuff
Torched and polished copper
Handmade in Germany
$24.55 (SHIPPED)

  • Clydicus

    Wow! You managed to put together a casual summer outfit for just $683! What a steal.

    • David

      For what it’s worth, most of the stuff on this site can be found for (more) reasonable sale prices throughout the year. The postings can be helpful even if you don’t want to spend that much.

    • Locke

      Cludius I think you’re on the wrong blog…

  • Watcho

    What a great feature! I mean, LOL at Clydicus’ dead-on comment, but I like the idea.


    I choose to use your posts as jumping off points. Similar to GQ. You see what the super out-of-touch people buy and then find the look-a-like versions at sweatshop priced retailers.

    • Watcho

      DAVIDPD you’re gonna love a joint called ‘Old Navy.’ Paper thin clothes in weird shapes and made by kids. Rock that at yr wedding.

      • DAVIDPD

        I am taking your comment as a joke, but in case you were serious, I choose to spend my money the way I like. I also live in South Korea, so many of these brands are only available at even more ludicrous prices. Luckily there are many sweatshop stores that sell similar styled clothes at rock bottom prices. As well as a plethora of Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, and other Asian labels the West doesn’t even know about yet. I will also splash out occasionally for nicer stuff too, dat The Hill-side sale hurt. Old Navy has some good stuff, just not a lot of it.

        • Locke

          DavidPD I don’t think it’s out of touch to buy clothes that are made more responsibly. The whole idea that people who are “in-touch” only buy cheap clothes is ridiculous.

          • DAVIDPD

            Never said it was. Sometimes it makes sense to pay more, sometimes it doesn’t. I am not going to pay $150 on a sweatshirt, when I can get a perfectly great sweatshirt from Uniqlo for $30.

          • ReallyReallyBigMan

            Or you can not be a sweatshop supporting dick and just save by buying used.

          • DAVIDPD

            Sorry man, just staying within my own budget. And South Korea’s used options are all terrible.

        • Clydicus

          Paying a little more for something that was made responsibly is one thing. Paying an outrageously inflated price to subsidize trust-fund art school grads sewing clothes in a high-rent loft in Brooklyn is something else.

  • Gregory

    you’re all fuccbois. and thats pronounced like du bois.

  • Travis

    Buy less, buy better. That said, I doubt any of the more expensive shit would last any longer or be much higher quality than the lower priced. Regarding responsibly made, If you have to support cheap hazardous labor, don’t buy throwaway shit like uniqlo or h&m. Then some poor individual busted their ass for a piece of shit you’re gonna throw away quick.

    Better even still than responsibly made – Just don’t buy it. Too much trash on this planet and too many resources being used. Of course this is a blog encouraging people how to more efficiently consume, consume, consume.

    • SG

      Some expensive stuff does last longer. Depending on what you buy of course. Some of it just overpriced label based clothing. It is about the threads used to sew higher quality fabric. The right combo can last forever. Therefore less waste!