Higanokami Pocket Knives

Picture this: you walk into a lavish steak spot. They put their fancy silverware down on the table, but you hand it back, and pull out this baller-ass Higanokami Pocket Knife. With its hand-forged white steel blade, the Japanese-made knife brings a hush over the room. Suddenly, the restaurant bursts into applause as the waiters bring you a 24 oz. ribeye on the house. Make this completely plausible scenario a reality for $35 at Hand Eye Supply.




For price and purchase info, visit Hand-Eye Supply.

  • Hey_Nineteen

    I dont know why, but I think this post has finally broken the camel’s back and Im unfollowing this blog.

    • bronislav_malinowski

      Yeah, this one is hilariously off key. Not to mention, who’d want to carry a damn full steel knife in their pocket? So heavy!

      • Jerry S

        Yes, I for one demand postings on 1/4 steel knives! Half steel at the most!

    • Nick Grant

      OH NO, did the camel suffer from osteoporosis? 🙁

      • Jerry S

        Yeesh, the quality of the comments has definitely deteriorated since the switch to Disqus. What the hell happened?

  • razor sharp

    Steak and a pocket knife? Count me in. I’m glad I follow this blog!

  • Crmsnghst

    “Baller-ass”? Nothing says “we know about mens fashion and accesories” like using Puff Daddy lyrics from the mid 90’s.

    • Nick Grant

      Can’t tell if trying to insult or commend

      • Jerry S

        Eh, can’t it be both? That Puffy could certainly dress.

        • Nick Grant


  • Dipti Bahuguna

    I am not really sure about this pocket knife because already I had a bad experience with one of the japanese made knives.