Harmony Drop 02 & 03

Harmony done just hit us with a SECOND AND THIRD DROP and we didn’t even get a chance to finish salivating over the first one! Since the Parisian brand’s recent shift to consumer-direct, they’ve been able to move much quicker with releases. And these two taken together may be their best collection yet, as they hit all of my fashion erotic zones with the textured wool Maximiliano and Maximus Coats, the French-made, tailored Peter Trousers, the Scottish Wool Winston Knitwear, and, my personal favorite, the Riri zip front Clovis Shirt made of English fleece. And because it’s direct-to-consumer, the pricing on the entire collection is absolutely fucking BONKERS. The most expensive piece is $355! Catch up on all the drops quickly, before the masses catch on.

For price and purchase info, visit Harmony.