GV x Need Supply Co. SS Camp Collar Shirts

We were SO CLOSE. I got the sweet, sweet taste of spring this week when the temps got up to the high 70s, and the camp collar shirt was in full effect. I had almost forgot what that felt like, so in anticipation of it possibly happening again, I decided to go search for some new ones, and came across Gitman Vintage’s collaboration with my favorite shop, Need Supply. They’ve whipped up a gaggle of Camp Collar Shirts that are made in the US (obvs) from either 100% rayon for that silky, wavy feel, or 100% cotton in a funky leopard print. I may never get to wear them, considering we’re about to get snow AGAIN, but I’ll still pick up a few and let the glow of my computer keep me warm.

For price and purchase info, visit Need Supply.