Gustin Thermal Crewnecks

Have you ever been at a restaurant, and the waiter comes over and tells you about the specials, and they’re, like, reeeaaallly passionate about it? To the point that it seems almost sensual for them? I’m kinda getting the same vibe from the product description for these new Thermal Crewnecks from Gustin:

We start with a classic long sleeve crewneck shape. It’s tailored enough to work as a layering piece or a stand-alone. We enhance this core style with wide ribbed cuffs and a thick ribbed collar for a touch more ruggedness. The bottom hem gets a gentle curve and is finished with a clean overlocked stitch. It’s a base you can feel comfortable in instantly.

Calm down fellas. It’s just a shirt. Albeit a damn nice – and fantastically priced – one, but still. Let’s all just take a breath, shall we?

For price and purchase info, visit Gustin.

  • Sonny

    They make great stuff but I’ve always thought the same about their descriptions: a bit over-the-top at times. I guess you need to get creative as there are only so many ways to describe the same goods?