Gustin Sneakers

In case you haven’t already heard, the affordable premium denim purveyor Gustin is now offering minimalist sneakers, and, I gotta say, they’re pretty damn impressive. Made in Italy, full grain Nappa and / or Horween leather uppers, Margom rubber soles, and all for the unbelievable price of $149 and up. Which is, literally, the lowest price for shoes like these you’ll find. And there’s a whole bunch of colors to choose from too. You did good Gustin, real good.




For price and purchase info, visit Gustin.

  • Watcho
    • ThisIsScottandThisIsScott

      I’m not wild about the style either, but Gustin did address the chief complaint of the article – $265 is too much, Gustin is a hundred bucks cheaper.

      Frankly the tone of the opinion took me out of it. Thinking critically, the reason everyone is doing the same thing everywhere because in the current fashion market it is literally impossible to do something “new” outside of the fashion cartels – or at any rate it’s literally impossible to do anything new that costs even close to reasonable to the “average” consumer. Tooling and manufacturing a brand new style of anything costs a shitload – there’s no point in starting your own denim mill when Cone is down the road – there’s no point in opening a tannery when there’s Horween – and why the hell would you pay the ludicrous upfront cost of a getting a shoe manufacturer to do your shit when the ones who can actually afford it will do it anyway, eventually? The cartels have the the entire system vertically integrated, right down to an army of people whose only job is to sniff out anything that might be “new” and put their stamp on it before one of the other guys does it.

      Point is, if you’re all starting from the same idea of the same isolated examples of any kind of “authentic” street fashion (which as near as I can tell involves things dead people once wore that young people now wear) why bother to innovate? Why pay the unaffordable cost? The amount of people who care is vanishingly thin and appealing to them is laughable from a ledger standpoint.

      So Gustin, keep on knocking off, at wholesale. You’ll never go broke by being unoriginal.

      • Watcho

        Conceptually I agree with you; you’d never see a similar article claiming we don’t need anymore classic denim jackets, because the more the merrier for that icon. For whatever reason, I sympathize with the article over this particular item. Maybe it’s because they beg to be pampered, and as such undermine the function of a sneaker, and maybe it’s because there’s no appeal for them to weather in and become personal. I’m glad the construction implies longevity, which is a huge plus for footwear.

    • Meh. Common Projects are great looking, and comfortable enough, but they are in no way worth $400 a pair. If Gustin – or any other brand – is able to make a more affordable shoe that’s comparable in quality and aesthetics, without using sweatshops, then more power to ’em.