Gustin Indigo Crewneck Sweatshirts

I have a new Cool Dad™ uniform, which consists of Dickies-style work pants and crewneck sweatshirts. Might sound dull, but I make sure that every sweatshirt has just enough going on that it never looks like I’m wearing the same thing I did the day before. And these new Gustin Indigo Crewneck Sweatshirts are definitely getting added to the line-up. Made in the US out of indigo-dyed, 14oz. heavy french terry, they’re giving off some very strong #menswear vibes that I am seriously reminiscing over lately. Indigo will never die, so thank Gustin for continuing to remind us of that with these $56 bangers.

For price and purchase info, visit Gustin.

  • Definitely a fan of that look. Punk pajamas, essentially.