Once Again, Goop Is in Trouble for Making Fraudulent Claims

According to CNBC, Gwyneth Paltrow’s “wellness” juggernaut, Goop, was reported to UK watchdog groups for distributing “potentially dangerous” health advice.

“The Good Thinking Society, a non-profit charity that campaigns against pseudoscience, confirmed… that it had submitted the complaint about Goop to the U.K.’s National Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority,” the story says.

The complaint contends that some (we’re going to assume, most) of Goop’s health claims about its supplement products are ‘unauthorized,’” while also alleging that their advertising could “encourage customers to ‘use products which could cause direct harm.’”

In total, the charity “listed 113 examples of Goop’s advertising [that] it says are in breach of the law.”

Goop, for it’s part, said that it hadn’t been contacted “by either National Trading Standards or the Advertising Standards Authority about the complaint,” but it’s not like the allegations are out of their wheelhouse: as the story noted, they settled a lawsuit last month in California over “the advertising of a vaginal jade and rose quartz egg.” What a time to be alive.

“It is shocking to see the sheer volume of unproven claims made by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop about their products, especially given that some of their health advice is potentially dangerous,” said the Good Thinking Society’s Laura Thompson. “Gwyneth Paltrow may well have good intentions, but she and her company sell products with claims that could clearly mislead customers.”

You can read more about it at CNBC.

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