Good Giving: 50 Under $50, Pt. 4

It’s day four of the 2013 Well Spent Holiday Gift Guide. Here are ten more US-made products that are priced at $50 or less. Check back tomorrow for the fifth and final installment.

Stanley & Sons Zip Pouches
Made in New York
$27.00 and up at Stanley & Sons

Columbiaknit CobbleCloth Crews
Size down for a slimmer fit
Made in Oregon
$50.00 at Columbiaknit

Santa Fe Stoneworks Pocket Knives
Made in New Mexico
$36.00 and up at Santa Fe Stoneworks

Greentree Home Candles
Made in New York
$13.00 and up at Greentree Home Candles

Maratac AAA Polished Flashlight
Made in California
$25.00 at Huckberry

Lightning Creek Forge Hand Forged Triangle Dinner Bell
Made in Arizona
$36.00 at Lightning Creek Forge

Newberry Knitting Lined Ragg Wool Gloves with Deerskin Palm
Made in New York
$28.00 at Newberry Knitting

Frost River Canine Products
Made in Minnesota
$15.00 and up at Frost River

FairEnds Corduroy Camp Caps
Made in California
$48.00 at FairEnds

The Key Board
Made in California
$37.00 at Cool Material

  • Evan

    All Maratac products are made in China. I know people think that they’re US-made because of Maratac’s association with Countycomm and whatnot (and that the companies are both registered in CA), but you’ll notice that on Countycomm’s page it doesn’t mention Made in USA anywhere on any of Maratac’s products pages.

  • Evan


    ITP is a Chinese flashlight manufacturer – aside from aesthetic details (ridges instead of knurling) the Maratac is the exact same light.

    You can get a Peak LED Eiger (the best/cheapest actually US-made) flashlight, in aluminium, for 50 bucks –

    • @Evan Thanks for the heads-up about Maratac and Peak LEAD. I’ve replaced the Maratac with the Eiger on the single-page version of the gift guide.

  • Rhett

    Make sure to check the size measurements with Columbiaknit. I ordered a crew neck t-shirt from them once and it was huge for its size. All of their products aren’t over-sized though, just check the measurements.