Good Giving: 50 Under $50, Pt. 2

It’s the second installment of the 2013 Well Spent Holiday Gift guide. Again, we’re rounding up 50 products, all of which are made in the USA, and all of which cost $50 or less. Enjoy!

Topo Designs Laptop Sleeves
Made in Colorado
$34.00 and up at Topo Designs

Gung Ho Chinos
Made in Texas
$28.80 and up at All Seasons Uniforms

Buck Pocket Knives
Made in Idaho
$23.00 and up at Buck Knives

Incienso de Santa Fe Natural Wood Incense
Made in New Mexico
$2.95 and up at Incense Warehouse

Tru Nord Key Ring Compass
Made in Minnesota
$36.00 at Best Made Co.

Leather Man Ltd. Lunch Bag
Made in Connecticut
$45.00 at Eliza B.

North Star Lined Leather Gloves
Made in Washington
$12.00 and up at Western Glove Store

Corter Leather Handmade Copper Cuffs
Made in Montana
$44.50 at Corter Leather

The Knottery Caps
Made in Missouri
$30.00 at The Knottery

Starr Wall Mount Bottle Opener
Made in Georgia
$9.95 at Flotsam + Fork