Good Giving: 50 Under $50, Pt. 1

Welcome to the 2013 Well Spent Holiday Gift Guide. This year, we’re bringing you 50 products, all made in the USA, and all priced at $50 or less. Ten products will be posted each day from now through Friday, so make sure to keep checking back. Here’s to a healthy and sane holiday season.

Drifter Bags
Various styles available
Made in Ohio
$7.00 and up at Drifter Bags

Pointer Shop Aprons
Made in Tennessee
$27.00 and up at Pointer

Juniper Ridge Backpacker’s Cologne Sample Kit
Made in California
$20.00 at Juniper Ridge

Barrons-Hunter Belts
Hundreds of fabric / leather / hardware combinations
Made in Virginia
$41.25 and up at Barrons-Hunter

Gill Mechanical Co. Tube-Wringer
Made in Oregon
$22.00 at Canoe

Kiriko Pocket Squares
Made in Oregon
$27.00 at Kiriko

Peg and Awl Smoke Stacks Candle Holders
Made in Pennsylvania
$44.00 and up at Peg and Awl

Headlands Handmade Valet Tray
Made in California
$39.00 at Headlands Handmade

Artex ECO Cotton Beanies
Made in New Jersey
$11.99 and up at

Lodge Mfg. Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets
Made in Tennessee
$11.95 and up at Lodge Mfg.

  • Danny

    Every home should have a good cast iron skillet. I have one that my mother handed down to me about 20 years ago and it’s still going strong. In fact, they usually get better with age. Thanks for the list!

  • Great list!

  • fuktmätare Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done 🙂