Good Giving: 50 Under $50, Pt. 3

Make a donation in someone’s name to Everytown for Gun Safety and help enact sensible gun laws


Standard Wax Diffusers, Room Sprays, and Candles

Recommended fragrances: Bergamot + Basil; Green Thumb
Made in Los Tempe, AZ
From $15.00

Kapital Fastcolor Selvedge Bandanas

Made in Japan

Six Depot Whole Bean Coffee

Roasted in West Stockbridge, MA

Corridor NYC Washed Duck Canvas Caps

Made in Seymour, CT

Melissa Guerra Corn Tortilla Kit

Made in Columbia

Form&Thread Essential Breton Stripe Tees

Made in Portugal

Organic Sweetgrass Braids

“Sweetgrass… is a very rare herb that gives off a sweet vanilla scent, and is great for cleansing a room when burned.”
Made in USA

Kraul Prism Rainbow Maker

Made in Germany
From $32.00

MIS 2Way Pouch

Made in Los Angeles, CA

  • Common Sense

    Gun control is making sure it’s pointed the right way when you pull the trigger. This is a clothing blog, if I want liberal crying, I’ll look at cnn. Quit posting this crap.

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      yer not wanted here

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      Conservative tears are a great gift under $50. Add it to the list.

    • Yea let’s watch Fox together!

      No it’s his blog and he’ll talk about whatever he wants. If you want a clothing blog go to a clothing brand. #freedomofspeech