Good Giving: 50 Under $50, Pt. 3

Stanley & Sons x SriThreads Boro Placemats

“Zokin are traditional Japanese dust rags which are made from about four layers of recycled cotton cloth and hand stitched together using broad sashiko stitching. Use them as a place mat or for presentation.”
Made in Japan

Rituals Incense Copal Cones

All-natural ingredients
Made in San Francisco, CA

Guppyfriend Washing Bag

“When we wash synthetic garments, tiny plastic fibers are released… [which] find their way into the world’s oceans and waterways… Not only do they take centuries to decompose, they also accumulate bacteria and pollutants that wreak havoc on marine life and delicate natural eco-systems. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag protects synthetic garments and reduces the number of microfibers that get flushed through washing machines.”

GAM Multi-Tools

Made in USA
From $12.99

Modern Sprout Eco Planters

“This all-inclusive kit comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing organic herbs… [including] a glass canning jar, wick, stainless steel net pot and earth-friendly growing medium.”
Assembled in Chicago
From $25.00

Jinji Vintage Bracelets and Necklaces

Handmade from vintage materials
From €35.00 / $39.00

Oak Poster Hangers

“Using a hidden internal magnet system, simply attach one pair of thin oak strips to the top of the picture or poster, and attach the other pair to the bottom. Hang it where you’d like it, and gravity does the rest.”
Made in England
From $25.00

Pocky Wallet Pen

Made in Germany

Chikuno Cube Natural Air Purifier

“The Chikuno Cube is a natural air purifier made from activated charcoal and clay minerals… [that] draw out impurities from the air. This eco-friendly cube works best in enclosed spaces like small bathrooms, cars or refrigerators, and can be recycled after one year of use.”
Made in Japan

Kapital Bandanans

Over 40 styles to choose from
Made in Japan
From $35.00