Give Swedish

I’m going to be 100 with you guys, and this is something I’ve never told ANYONE; if I were white, I’d want to be Scandinavian. I went to Sweden and Denmark for basketball in college and man, that place and those people just got the juice. So it comes as no surprise that I want EVERYTHING from this new Give Swedish gift guide. A collaboration between some of Sweden’s best up-and-coming brands, the site features a gaggle of great items, covering everything from art and accessories to fashion and interior design, including Nufferton’s yarn-dyed, Lithuanian-made pajamas, C.QP’s Portuguese-made sneakers, tops from our pals over at ASKET, and many other worthy trinkets and goodies. And pretty reasonable pricing all around too. The Give Swedish site will be live until 12/24, so there’s still time to pick up some seriously great gifts (for both Swedophiles and non-Swedophiles alike).






For price and purchase info, visit Give Swedish.