Gitman Vintage Rayon Camp Shirts

I’m not gonna lie to you guys: I just got back from a vacation chock full of booze and now my brain is chock full of mush. There are normal, everyday things I have completely forgotten how to do, like cook dinner or wipe my child’s butt properly. One thing I did not forget, though, is that I very much fuck with a nice rayon camp shirt and boy, oh boy does Gitman Vintage bring the heat with theirs. Three absolutely perfect colors and a print that’s so outrageous it’s just *chef’s kiss* I may have forgotten the code to my house alarm which prompted the cops to stop by, but I will NEVER forget how a good camp shirt can make you feel. Pick ’em up for 30% off at NEED.

For price and purchase info, visit Need Supply.

  • The Leopard front shirt JordanLaugh.gif