It’s Getting Much Easier for Apparel Labels to Phase out Plastics

Some good news, for once. According to a recent Vogue Business article, there is “a growing effort” in the fashion industry “to phase out overlooked plastic parts that have long supported a garment’s functionality or offered finishing touches, like hangers, buttons and sequins.” 

As the article explains, “public pressure surrounding sustainability is… leading many to broaden their focus to include the plastic afterthoughts in the manufacturing or delivery process that even many sustainability-minded consumers may overlook.”

In addition to the hangers, buttons, and sequins mentioned above, there’s also now biodegradable glitter (turns out regular glitter is actually terrible for the environment), as well as “sunglasses, zipper pulls and tape, eyelets, snaps and other types of trim” made from recycled ocean plastic.

On the downside, these “biodegradable, recycled or eco-friendly versions can cost more… adding a hurdle to adoption. ” Those sustainable sequins, for example, are priced between two and four times more than conventional ones. 

But, the article says that as long as consumer demand for greener products keeps up, even more green innovation can be expected.  

You can read more about it at Vogue Business.

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