Get Ready for Non-American-Made American Apparel

After purchasing American Apparel at bankruptcy auction earlier this year, Gildan is getting ready to re-launch the AA website, and with it, a new lower priced, non US-made collection that will be directly competing with the brand’s own US-made goods.

According to AdAge, the new AA site will offer customers a choice between Made-in-USA and Made-Literally-Anywhere-Else versions of the same items, and “the U.S.-produced version… will cost you as much as 25% more.”

“There are consumers that really want ‘made in USA,’ so we’re going to cater to those consumers,” says Gildan CEO, Glenn Chamandy. “But there are consumers that didn’t want to pay the actual price but they love the brand, so now they can also buy the brand.”

Accessibility is always a good thing, although, how one category won’t totally cannibalize the other is a mystery to me. Then again, so is why anyone would pay $88 million for a brand that hasn’t been profitable in nearly a decade…

You can read more about it at AdAge.

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