Gen Z Really Loves the Planet, but Also Really Loves Fast Fashion

According to a recent feature from Refinery29, Generation Z – the age group born after 1996 – loves the earth, but also, really, really loves fast fashion, too. And yes, those two things could not be more incongruous.

As the story explains, “among Gen Z, an awareness of fast fashion’s environmental impact is certainly there… [but] it’s not quite enough to totally transform their spending habits.”

R29 attributes that disconnect to a number of factors, chief among which is social media. As one expert says, “there’s an unwritten rule of not being seen in the same dress over and over again, especially once it’s been [immortalized] online.” And “with the staggeringly low cost of items from certain outlets, it’s increasingly viable to purchase a new outfit for every event, should you desire.”

On the flip-side, the popularity of outlets like Depop with Gen Z could be a sign of the group’s shifting sentiment toward the secondhand market. But, “social media is still king among this age group and right now the fast fashion brands are dominating those platforms, offering pieces that are affordable… and influencer-endorsed.”

“Gen Z do care about sustainable fashion but they need brands to step up and offer them support to ensure they can purchase sustainably without having to compromise on the look, feel and functionality of products.”

You can read more about it at Refinery29.

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